Posted by: Deana | February 17, 2009


Since Valentine’s Day is Z’s birthday, we spend the day celebrating both, but since it is his birthday, he gets to pick our menu items for dinner.  We usually cook in because we get more food for our $ when we make our own meal, plus we enjoy cooking so it works well.

This year’s meal was easy – minimal prep-work because I had to work all afternoon.  Below is a photographic post by Z, a record of this year’s feast.

Notice the crazy tablecloth, how can you not?  Z’s had it since before we were married (just one among many Valentine’s birthday presents he’s received) and we use it every year because Z really likes it.  Why?  As he said once, “It’s like a giant napkin.”  We do not, however, wipe our hands or faces on the tablecloth while we eat.


Tres Pinos Garnacha Spanish wine, 2007


Wine & Spice marinated skirt steak from Freedom Meat Locker, Watsonville (unreal)


Spinach, butter-toasted almonds, roma tomatoes, green onions, and, yes, a beautiful avocado


Country French round loaf from The Farm Bakery, Aptos


D's homemade blackberry pie with a crust that covers the sin of frozen berries. Oh man.


Wouldn't be Valentine's Day without lovin' and some dishes

Happy Birthday, Z!

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