Posted by: Deana | November 30, 2008

Z’s Stuffing (Dressing)

My family has a stuffing recipe that they love, and Z has a recipe that he loves – so, in the past, we’ve made two different kinds of stuffing.  This year, since the whole family wasn’t here, we only made Z’s stuffing

Z’s Stuffing

  • 2 bags of Pepperidge Farm stuffing
  • whatever else the Peppridge Farm stuffing recipe on the back of the bag calls for – butter and chicken stock…
  • 2 tubes of Jimmy Dean original sausage

Double the recipe on the back of the stuffing bag, and add two tubes of Jimmy Dean sausage.  Mix together, and put in an oven safe dish.  This year we didn’t cover it and had the oven set too low.  Next year, I think we’ll cover the stuffing and start cooking it at 375º or 400º.  For a couple of hours.  Cook until the stuffing reaches 170º.

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