Posted by: Deana | May 19, 2008

Salt, salt, and salt

I’ve been noticing that a lot of recipes I’ve been finding call for Kosher salt.  We were out of salt a week or two ago, so I did some research before buying the standard Morton Salt that we’ve always gotten – the one with the girl and the umbrella, pouring a trial of salt behind her as she walks through the rain.  Why is this picture on the salt?  I’ve never understood.  Since I was young, I’ve always looked at that and thought what a foolish girl for wasting so much salt!  As for attempting to find it’s advertising value, the best I was able to come up with was that it was just a “cute” girl obliviously spilling her salt on her way…somewhere…logically,she must be on her way home from the grocery store, where she bought only salt, on a very rainy day.  I won’t tell the story I had in my head as a child about what was going on in this picture and why, but rest assured, I had it all figured out in my young imagination.

Thanks to the internet, I found out recently that there’s more to the picture than has met my eyes for years…want to know why the girl is spilling her salt in the rain?  Check here.

Back to the original intent of this post.  I found this Q & A very helpful for explaining the difference between salts.  We’ve always used standard table salt for almost everything, but we do always have sea salt for recipes that call for it.  After reading this, the next time we went to Safeway, I dutifully bought kosher salt instead of regular table salt.  Z really likes it and the only “con” so far has been that it doesn’t come out of the table shakers very well, but Z says it’s worth the extra shaking.

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