Posted by: Deana | March 10, 2008

Sourdough Part 2

Time for an update. My sourdough starter was good, but not good enough. I tried to make bread twice and both times it failed to rise, and although it smelled like wonderful home-made sourdough bread (which was amazing because the sourdough starter smelled wretchedly sour – or “ripe” according to Z), it was SOLID and made quite a thud when, sadly, it was dropped into the garbage.

I’m thinking that although it was sour and a little bubbly, it wasn’t bubbly enough and needed to catch more of the air born yeasts before being put to use. So, tonight I’m hoping to get another starter going. We’ll see if this one is any more successful.


  1. We are going to have to compare bread notes this summer. We’ve been working on sourdough too (ala Tom H.). We’re still looking for that really sour sourdough. Fun to experiment though. I’ll try again for Easter lunch–wish me luck!

  2. I like that idea! So far our sourdough has been plenty sour, this second attempt was looking promising – very sour dough and it was beginning to bubble. But then Brian was visiting over the weekend and I working to finish Rachel’s birthday present to send home with him, so I forgot about it for a couple of days and when I came back it was moldy – bummer. This week we’re going to try again…

    How many days does your recipe require?

  3. Well, it only has a minimum (couple of days). Otherwise it can just sit in the fridge indefinitely. I’ve had some in the fridge for several weeks (I feed it sporadically) and it hasn’t molded yet. And, while it smells REALLY ripe (kind of like nail polish remover, if you ask me), the bread doesn’t come out very sour. Hmm… Maybe I should use your recipe! 🙂

  4. Jackie,
    Seeing you type Hmmm above made me miss you! I could see you saying it :0) I thought of you when I used my whirley pop this morning. Yes, morning popcorn. The boys loved it. I let them watch Bambi this morning the the popcorn made it even more fun.

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